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Black Orchid (comics) - Wikipedia Publication information; Publisher: DC Comics: First appearance: Linden-Thorne: Adventure Comics #428 (July 1973) Black: Black Orchid #1 (December 1988 Suzy: Black Orchid | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Комиксы, одежда, представление о фантастике. Конкретно этот комикс - отсылка как к Фантоме, так и к супергероине из DC Comics по прозвищу Чёрная Орхидея.На стене за его спиной расклеены плакаты с символикой другого «ночного» супергероя DC Comics — Бэтмена. Black Orchid (1988) comic | Read Black Orchid (1988) … Black Orchid (1988). Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Leading Ladies, Mature, Mystery, Superhero, Supernatural.Before introducing the modern version of The Sandman, Neil Gaiman wrote this dark tale that reinvented a strange DC Comics super hero in the Vertigo mold. black orchid | Tumblr For me the important thing about Black Orchid (at least what I hoped was important in a comic which was, as best I could muster in 1987 when I wrote it, intended to be both a feminist and pacifist comic, in a world of pretty much exclusively male comics about people who won by hitting other people harder)... Черная Орхидея » Вселенная DC Сomics: Супермен,… ДиСи Комикс - главный русскоязычный ресурс, посвященный комиксам DC.Бадди Бейкер, Черная Орхидея, Константин и Сталь нашли еще одного союзника в борьбе против Антона Аркейна - неизвестного им Зеленого Фонаря.

Black Orchid is the name of three fictional superheroines published by DC Comics. The original version of the character first appeared in Adventure Comics #428 (July 1973). Contents[show] Susan Linden-Thorne Although she has a number of superpowers (including flight, super-strength, and...

Black Orchid makes a cameo appearance as a high school student in the web series DC Super Hero Girls. Black Orchid was going to appear in an episode of Constantine before being cancelled. Film. Black Orchid appears in the animated film Justice League Dark, voiced by Colleen Villard. Characters | DC - DC Comics DCComics.com: Welcome to the Official Site for DC. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, AQUAMAN and more. Black Orchid | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia Alba Garcia is introduced as a new Orchid working for A.R.G.U.S. in The New 52, becoming a member of Justice League Dark. Black Orchid was created by Sheldon Mayer and Tony DeZuniga, first appearing in Adventure Comics #428. Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean would later recreate the character in Black Orchid #1. . Black Orchid (comic book) - Wikipedia Black Orchid is an American comic book written by Neil Gaiman with art by Dave McKean.It was published by DC Comics as a three-issue limited series from December 1988 to February 1989, and was later reprinted in trade paperback form.

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! We're back with another Black Orchid back-up. This time, co-creators Sheldon Mayer and Tony DeZuniga aren't on hand to tell the tale of "The Crime of the Black Orchid," as writer Micheal Fleisher and artist Nestor Redondo fill in for an ish.

Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash, which was a commission by the 14-18 Now Foundation, The Imperial War Museum and The Lakes International Comic art Festival, was released as an artist's edition in June 2016, and was published in October … Flora Black (New Earth) | DC Database | Fandom powered by Wikia The second Black Orchid used the name Flora Black. She was one of a greenhouse full of human/plant hybrid clones of Susan Linden, created by Dr. Philip Sylvain. After Linden was killed, her ex-husband Carl Thorne sought out and killed … Flash Comics Vol 1 95 | DC Database | Fandom powered by Wikia "Flash: "The Golden Flash"": A notorious gangster steals a strange belt, and when the Flash tries to apprehend the criminal, he touches the belt and turns both of them into gold! A notorious gangster steals a strange belt, and when the … Black Orchid | RW Uitgeverij Met spectaculair tekenwerk van Gaiman’s medewerker Dave McKean is Black Orchid nu verzameld in een deluxe paperback.

There are 4 characters in DC Comics continuity who have taken on the mantle of Black Orchid.However, Black Orchid swoops in to save the day. Warned off by the threat of the woman’s husband and children being killed, she drops the woman, and retreats, only to return later when Barstoe has...

Black Orchid - DC Comics - Postavy.cz B-art - 60% flylyncz - 60% spinda - 0% FloTin8 - 90% Robin - 80% Ania Sweet - 100% Black Orchid Vol 1 1 | DC Database | Fandom powered by Wikia "One Thing is Certain... Black Orchid has been undercover within this organized crime syndicate for months, using the guise of Emma Haliwell to get closer and closer to the top of the chain, waiting to meet a man they call The Principal. Black Orchid (Comic Book) - TV Tropes Black Orchid is a relatively obscure DC Comics superheroine whose big moment of fame came in a miniseries written by Neil Gaiman, with art by Dave McKean. ( … Black Orchid by Neil Gaiman

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11 Awesome DC | Black Orchid images | Black dahlia, Black ... When Pandora escapes, Steve Trevor calls for the services of Doctor Mist, Black Orchid, and John Constantine. Doctor Mist was captured by Felix Faust. He is freed by Black Orchid Black Orchid (comics) - Revolvy Black Orchid (comics) topic. Black Orchid is the name of four superheroines published by DC Comics . The original version of the character first appeared in Adventure Comics #428 ( cover-dated July 1973). Fictional character biographies Susan Linden-Thorne Black Orchid's debut: Adventure Comics #428 (Aug. 1973). Cover art by Bob Oksner .

Black orchid - Wikipedia Black Orchid, a DC Comics miniseries created by Neil Gaiman; Black Orchid (comics), a character from DC Comics Black Orchids, a Nero Wolfe double mystery by Rex Stout "Black Orchids" (novella), the first story in the above Tag: black orchid - E-Hentai Galleries Showing 12 search results for Tag: black orchid - just some of the 500,000+ absolutely free hentai galleries available. Black Orchid | Babblings about DC Comics Adventure 430 – Black Orchid and Adventurer’s Club end. The final Black Orchid story in Adventure is probably the best of its short run. The tale is issue 430 (Dec 73) was retold, from Black Orchid’s point of view, in Black Orchid Annual 1 in the early 90s. Black Orchid | Ultimate Pop Culture Wiki | FANDOM powered by ...